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Ashriva: The Heart of Loss


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This is set in a world I developed long ago and played with friend. The world is set in an adaptable technology era. Faeries govern the regulation of the trade bodies of Ashriva. Humans are allowed to trade, create and develop freely. On free human colonies of the world they have advanced into nanotechnology levels. Vampires are moderated to only having civil war era weaponry. Faeires, are the most technologically advanced. Vampires own huge continental swaths, with very few free standing human colonies. The vampires of this world reflect their true age during daylight, they age and have the strength of their true ago which is why they old sleep, and the young guard their tombs. Humans are also enslaved for guarding, feeding, and crafting purposes. Lycanthropes exist as well, they were created by a faerie/human coalition hundreds of years ago to fight the vampires. In which they did, however, normal humans feared and despised them. They were relegated to slave duties and treated inhumanely. So they revolted and took over the biodomes in which they were created. (I have a lot more information and my writing is shitty. So please bare with me)


The lane

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The ocean breeze rolled through the land, deep into a stagnant room deep in the recess of a grand hall, within a dilapidated castle. It gently caressed the stone features of the statues frozen in time in this room. Suddenly the soft imprints of rain started to embrace the earth in gentle roves. Two faeries, utilizing their bio luminescent skin to see in the night, wandered outside in the courtyard. Their technologically advanced suits hummed with power, as they fluttered about looking for something of value in the rubble. Lightning cracked. Stone in the Grand Hall turned to flesh. The flesh of just one one, the others awoke. Though the erosion only allowed one of the warriors to stand. The king and queen lay in front of him. Their stone facades slowly twisting into painful flesh, bound to the current realm of reality.
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