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Boosting student motivation

Children love it, adults too

The public Fablelane portal is already being used by thousands of people around the world both young and old. The fun doesn't decline with age.

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A concept that just works

Your students already know it. Gaming is addicting (and a great competitor to reading too). We have fused the best of both worlds.

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Individualized homework

Homework can be chosen automatically based on your students skill. Nothing will be too easy, and nothing will be too hard.

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Incredible metrics

As a teacher you can track your students performance like never before. You will also know how your students work and when.


Why choose us?

We don't deliver "yet another online reading game" or "yet another list of assignments". We have invented a solution that brings fun and education together. Fablelane is not just a game. It is a gamified, community-based adventure where every user helps reshape it.

Fablelane is cheap, and is easy to use without instructions for children in 4th grade and above. Furthermore, it is cheap and constantly maintained to provide new teaching solutions.

Being students ourselves from this generation, we missed the opportunity to dive into the wonders of reading at an early age. Books required patience and time, whereas games had no learning curve, sucked you in from the beginning, and gave you more options. We have felt the motivational problem due to the distortion of the video game industry, and that is why we know the solution.