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Avery Pender

54 points, level 7

  • Member since Thursday, June 9, 2016, last seen Tuesday, June 28, 2016 5:34:16 PM
  • Best known for Avery Pender's story
  • Wordhunt challenge progress

    You have collected 1 words out of 632 in total. You collect a word by mentioning it in a contribution and then receiving an upvote on that contribution from someone else. Wordhunting quickly earns you a lot of karma points.

    The words must be collected in the right order to work, and each word can only be collected once.

    Next word: Different

    This word will grant you 4 points if collected.

    Unlocked privileges

    Voting up

    This privilege allows you to vote up stories that you think are amusing, adds something good to the lane of the story and makes it easy for others to continue upon.

    Creating a new story

    This privilege allows you to create a new story.

    Contributing to an existing story

    This privilege allows you to contribute to a story other than your own.

    Comment on contributions

    This privilege allows you to write comments on contributions that were made by someone else.

    Creating a branch

    This privilege allows you to branch a story, giving other readers a chance to make a choice between the existing contribution and yours.

    Voting down

    This privilege allows you to vote down contributions that you think are offensive, poorly written or provide another user with no choice of contrinuing upon the story. Contributions that have been voted down enough are automatically deleted. If they are, the ones who down-voted the deleted contribution will receive points.

    Approving anonymous content

    With this privilege, you are considered a trusted and honered member of the community. You can now help approve new stories and contributions made by anonymous people to achieve even more points.

    Powerful judgement

    With this privilege, your up-votes count for three times as much, and your downvotes count for twice as much.

    Correcting contributions

    This privilege allows you to correct a contribution for spelling mistakes or lack of readability. Doing so will provide you with points.

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