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The ultimate online reading game

The primary goal of Fablelane is to motivate people to read and write. We originally designed it for people who are impaired in terms of reading and writing, or for people who never really took their time to read and write because it was simply "boring" to them.

We were never really motivated into reading and writing either, and the reason for us is clear. Gaming and computers were way too interesting and attracting. Why is that? Well, it can't be described easily. However, we thought that providing a description of the exact source to the motivation that drives gamers to do what they do day in and day out would be crucial if we were to harvest that motivation and bring it to the field of reading and writing.

From concept to reality

Fablelane was originally inspired by the Writers' Stack Exchange. This site is a Q&A-based website regarding writing. It adds elements of gamification such as downvotes, upvotes, achievements, badges and privileges. This is very similar to how Fablelane does it, and the Stack Exchange in general has been a true inspiration for us.

Every member of the Fablelane team also read the book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction by Karl M. Kapp. This book helped us realize that bringing the true motivation from gaming into different worlds isn't just done easily.

So how is this fun, and how does it work?

By starting a story and letting others build upon it, you not only get surprised along the way but also improve your reading and writing skills while getting a good laugh.

Being able to make choices and change the ending of a story are some of the primary reasons why gaming is adapting so well. By constantly letting the user decide what happens next from other users’ contributions and outcomes, we bring this experience to reading too.

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